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F*** NY State on Bolt EV rebate!

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Okay, so after much waiting , Bolts are finally starting to trickle... and I do mean trickle (like one Bolt at just two dealerships in a county with 1.5million people) in to the area.

Got to drive a Orange Premier yesterday... it was as good as I envisioned.
In my best Trump'ish tweet tone... "fantastic car...want one!"

Here's the rub.....

NY State is only starting their $2000 EV rebate for EV's purchased on or after April 1st 2017. :mad: :mad:
So even if the dealers get the Bolts on the lot... no one in NY will buy one till April 1st due to procrastination up in Albany since they okay'd the $2000 EV Rebate program in last April (2016).

So we finally get Bolts in NY... physically available to purchase and literally drive home today... but they will sit unsold till April 1st.

FWIW- no discounts either... 100% sticker price! :(

How's that for a kick in the produce section.....
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If they're on the lots you should now be able to buy from a California dealer.
Zero sum gain then....

NY: $42k MSRP Bolt -$2k NY Rebate = $40K Bolt
CA: $42K MSRP Bolt -$3k dealer discount = 39K Bolt + $850 to ship across country to NY + $39,850 Bolt

Net savings = $150!

The $2K NY Rebate is at the dealership, not through tax return- so you have to purchase the car at a NY dealership to get the $2K off the price of the car :(
When you finally get your Bolt EV, will you be able to L2 charge at work?
Yes, there is a free L2 Chargepoint station in the adjacent public parking lot next to my job that I have been using since 2012 for my PIP and Volt.

I have a 240v 40amp Juicebox setup at home as well.
The main point regarding the $2K NY Rebate is that it effectively blocks all Bolt sales in NY till April 1st even though there will be Bolt's on the lot... unless you care to waste $2000 of course.

And, it's confusing- The salesperson that let me test drive the Bolt yesterday was clueless about the rebate, another salesperson actually offered up the info to me while my guy was getting the keys for the Bolt.
It's also unclear if the rebate is off the MSRP before sales tax, or $2K off the bottom line after sales tax...

I would have been pretty pissed if I had purchased the Bolt I test drove and then found out I missed the $2000 rebate because the dealership didn't know the sale had to be made on 4/1 or later to qualify!
^ thanks for that!

I have sent an email to NYSERDA asking for clarity.

Your post pretty much confirms what the "other" Chevy rep told me....

1) It's a $2K instant rebate off the price of the car.
2) It only becomes effective on 4/1/2017 and only cars purchased on or after April 1st 2017 will be eligible for the rebate.
3) Anyone who purchases a Bolt before 4/1/2017 will not receive the $2K rebate.

He also told me:
- he learned this info from a Bolt class he took last week.
- The Volt will be eligible for $1750 (IIRC) rebate.
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^ Read that report... thanks.

I'll let you know how NYSERDA replies, although asking for clarity from Albany seems a bit ironic doesn't it?
NO 100% Sticker With Me
Yeah, I'm not liking that either.... we may have to wait it out a bit for discounts.
So is it clear that this Instant Rebate from NYS can only be used for Purchase and Not Lease?
It's not clear at this point- but it seems like it's only for purchase.
Funny. I googled L2 charging stations in Riverhead and didn't see the one on Griffing Ave/Court St. :confused: using this site:

I thought that was strange as I recall you could use one next to where you worked. Going to the ChargePoint site reveals the truth.:cool:

Have you noticed any degradation in the plug in the 5 years of using the station?
It's still right behind the Supreme Court building on Court St. and Griffing Ave in Riverhead...
I have mentioned it a few times before; this particular Chargepoint station has gone "of the grid" over a year and a half ago. It doesn't show up on Chargepoint's maps, or even when I'm charging there. It still charges properly, but the display shows "DECOMMISSIONED" on it but then says "PORT 1 or PORT 2 AVAILABLE" once you scan your RFID card.

I was told by Chargepoint that it's no longer in (cellular) radio contact w/their network and is authorizing based on internal memory of cards previously used there. I don't know if it would work if a new RFID card was presented vs. one that was stored in internal memory when the station was in contact w/their network.

One thing I have noticed... it takes maybe 30 seconds to authorize my card there now vs. 5-10 seconds back when the station was in contact with the CHargepoint network. I guess it still tries to connect, times out... then authorizes based on internal memory.
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I got an email reply back from NYSERDA regarding the NY $2000 EV Rebate program:

Thank you for your inquiry.

As mandated by the 2016 NYS budget, NYSERDA is required to implement a rebate program for electric and plug-in hybrid/electric vehicles. NYSERDA is working diligently to meet that deadline and hopes to make an announcement regarding a program soon.

Rebates will be offered at the time of sale for new vehicles and cannot be applied to vehicle purchases made before the launch of the program.

There is no further information available at this time, but please continue to check the NYSERDA website for any updates.
Cool. Thanks for the info.. We should start a pool as to the start date. Put me down for 4:25pm on Friday March 31, 2017.
I'd imagine it would become "official" at 12:01am April 1st 2017 and not before unless it's posted in clear easy to understand non-Albany speak on the official NYSERDA site earlier :eek:

I assume it's going to cause much confusion when it comes time to actually fill in the $$ lines on the sales contract :mad:
Finance guy "Okay, so the Bolt is $43,905"
Buyer "now deduct the $2000 NY EV Rebate from that"
Finance Guy "no, you get that $2000 back as a tax credit in 2018 like the Fed tax credit"
Buyer "oh boy... here we go again..."
...Can you go through Costco's car buying program and get one at a few hundred over invoice? A dealership isn't required to participate, though and would probably just tell you "NOPE!"
I tried the Costco program, after inputting all the car data and my membership details, etc... the "results" screen said something like:
"We're sorry, there are no dealers in your area that meet the quality standards......bla....bla...bla...."

I did purchase my Plug-In-Prius in 2012 through the Costco program... but so far the Bolt through Costco is a no-go.

Seems the dealers around here just won't budge from MSRP on the Bolt... yet.
I know this isn't going to help you feel much better, but....
Well, actually it does give me some hope for discounts down the line.

I really have no valid reason to purchase the Bolt immediately other than I want one.... I can wait.
It's not like my 2014 Volt is on it's last legs... it's in top condition and running perfectly. The longer I wait the more $$ I save towards the down payment and the NY $2000 rebate will be online after 4/1/17 too.

The only downside to waiting for the Bolt is the trade-in value of my Volt drops every month, but it's not like they were going to give me much for it anyway ($11-$12K :mad: ). I may make more in discounts than loss of value on the trade-in by waiting a few months?
From the email reply from NYSERDA (details in post#28) it seems pretty clear it's not going to be a tax credit.

So, that leaves the questions of:
- instant rebate or mail in to Albany?
- $2K deducted from sale price of vehicle before or after sales tax computation?

I'd love it to be option #4 above for the most bang for the buck, but wouldn't be surprised if it's #3.
Option #2 would be a PITA because you know how bad Albany is with paperwork!
Unless your are put a crazy amount of miles on your 2014, then I'd say waiting will net you more money in your pocket. Waiting a few months on the west coast, equated to $3000 off.
I can wait on purchasing to save $$$.
I put about 15K miles/year on my car, that's about 1250mi/month. I have 46.5K mi on my 2014 Volt that turns 3yo next week.

No matter what, I'll have to wait till at least April before making the purchase because of the $2k NY Rebate, I can wait till mid summer if it means a significant savings.

Who knows.. if the NY dealers continue to be anal-retentive about MSRP only pricing... I may end up getting the Bolt from CA (if their discounts keep increasing) and have it shipped here. I've done it before, it was no big deal.
^ of course not.... it's NY, they practically invented the word "procrastinate".
The $2,000 rebate will become law on 4/1 which is a Saturday... hopefully the dealers will have some info on in that next week at least :rolleyes:
I think one of the local dealers near me is already deducting the $2,000 rebate from the "internet pricing" on their website on Bolts.
I sent them an email to confirm... but no reply yet.

Another local dealer seems to have taken offense and written me off completely as a potential sale when I even mentioned the possibility of "any discounts off MSRP?" at his dealership on the Bolt... he started his email with "I appreciate the opportunity but..." and ended with "...Best of luck to you."
^ Don't know... was the Citation $40K?

It's not like it's a $15k Kia, $40K is still a pretty decent chunk of change...
This wasn't the Chevy dealer in Roslyn, was it?:confused::p
No, it's out in eastern Suffolk past Riverhead.

For whatever reason, the east end dealers all have the same take-it-or-leave-it attitude when it comes to sales.
They low-ball your trade 20% below Blue Book, and charge MSRP for the new vehicle. I've bought quite a few vehicles from out of state dealers over the years because the Long Island dealers stick together like a pack of wolves regarding trade-in's and MSRP policies.

Some day they will realize there's something called the internet where consumers can shop with vendors from out of their local area :eek:
... Jest haggle like a Ferengi and be willing to walk if you don't get the deal you want.....
At this stage, I have no problem walking away from a bad situation.
I ended up getting my 2012 Prius 5 from PA because no NY dealer would sell that car without the $5K Advanced Tech package- that I didn't want. I literally stood up and walked out of the local Toyota dealership when the salesman just refused to even look at options to get the vehicle I wanted.

The good thing is, I have till the end of 2017 to purchase the Bolt (for tax reasons), I can wait till summer or even fall when the 2018 Bolts come out and they have to discount 2017 models.
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