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F*** NY State on Bolt EV rebate!

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Okay, so after much waiting , Bolts are finally starting to trickle... and I do mean trickle (like one Bolt at just two dealerships in a county with 1.5million people) in to the area.

Got to drive a Orange Premier yesterday... it was as good as I envisioned.
In my best Trump'ish tweet tone... "fantastic car...want one!"

Here's the rub.....

NY State is only starting their $2000 EV rebate for EV's purchased on or after April 1st 2017. :mad: :mad:
So even if the dealers get the Bolts on the lot... no one in NY will buy one till April 1st due to procrastination up in Albany since they okay'd the $2000 EV Rebate program in last April (2016).

So we finally get Bolts in NY... physically available to purchase and literally drive home today... but they will sit unsold till April 1st.

FWIW- no discounts either... 100% sticker price! :(

How's that for a kick in the produce section.....
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On a $35k Bolt at 8% sales tax, that is a better deal than NY's $2000 rebate, by about $800.00

I wish NY had done the no sales tax thing instead of the rebate. The amount of money spent on deciding how to even implement the rebate seems silly to me. A sales tax exemption, in theory, seems a lot easier logistically, and is still effectively a point of sale rebate since sales tax is typically collected by the dealership at time of sale.
States with no sales tax usually make up for it somehow, either with a really high vehicular registration tax or higher property taxes. There's no free lunch (though Chris Christie probably should hold off from eating a few lunches).

For NY state, at least you have a state rebate. IL had a sweet 10% off base MSRP which mean $3914 for a gen1, $500 less for a gen2, but the program has been suspended because of inept government can't seem to balance a checkbook if their life depended on it. So there's a stalemate between the legistlature and the governor. Governor says to bring a balanced budget, and the legistlators want to keep everything going borrowing along the way with deficit spending. It's quite a circus, but not as bad as two previous Governors who are in prison. But no matter how bad it gets, I'm not leaving my little rural paradise.
Keep us posted. I am shopping for a new Volt since there is 0% this month.

There is an AP story on Green Car Reports 3/6/17 that has some info...
Don't let the 0% fool you. If you can haggle for your best deal and get 0%, then great. but when I got the deal of the decade, they wouldn't give me 0% without taking away one of the rebates, which made the deal worse. And I have aaer perfect credit score. It's usually a gimmick to get you in and pay too much for the car.
No, it's out in eastern Suffolk past Riverhead.

For whatever reason, the east end dealers all have the same take-it-or-leave-it attitude when it comes to sales.
They low-ball your trade 20% below Blue Book, and charge MSRP for the new vehicle. I've bought quite a few vehicles from out of state dealers over the years because the Long Island dealers stick together like a pack of wolves regarding trade-in's and MSRP policies.

Some day they will realize there's something called the internet where consumers can shop with vendors from out of their local area :eek:
That's not just an east coast phenomenon. That happens everywhere. There are plenty of people who get new car fever that they are willing to pay near MSRP and not do the work to shop around, I, on the other hand, got my last two vehicles knocking $10K and $23K off MSRP with deals of the decades. Jest haggle like a Ferengi and be willing to walk if you don't get the deal you want. What do you mean there aren't any more...that's what more means.....
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