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F*** NY State on Bolt EV rebate!

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Okay, so after much waiting , Bolts are finally starting to trickle... and I do mean trickle (like one Bolt at just two dealerships in a county with 1.5million people) in to the area.

Got to drive a Orange Premier yesterday... it was as good as I envisioned.
In my best Trump'ish tweet tone... "fantastic car...want one!"

Here's the rub.....

NY State is only starting their $2000 EV rebate for EV's purchased on or after April 1st 2017. :mad: :mad:
So even if the dealers get the Bolts on the lot... no one in NY will buy one till April 1st due to procrastination up in Albany since they okay'd the $2000 EV Rebate program in last April (2016).

So we finally get Bolts in NY... physically available to purchase and literally drive home today... but they will sit unsold till April 1st.

FWIW- no discounts either... 100% sticker price! :(

How's that for a kick in the produce section.....
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Ya gotta love the politicians in Albany! Wait 20 days and you can earn $2k.

When you finally get your Bolt EV, will you be able to L2 charge at work?
Yes, there is a free L2 Chargepoint station in the adjacent public parking lot next to my job that I have been using since 2012 for my PIP and Volt.

I have a 240v 40amp Juicebox setup at home as well.
Funny. I googled L2 charging stations in Riverhead and didn't see the one on Griffing Ave/Court St. :confused: using this site:

I thought that was strange as I recall you could use one next to where you worked. Going to the ChargePoint site reveals the truth.:cool:

Have you noticed any degradation in the plug in the 5 years of using the station?
^ Read that report... thanks.

I'll let you know how NYSERDA replies, although asking for clarity from Albany seems a bit ironic doesn't it?
Not to be a wet blanket, but since the details of the rebate program have not been released, I see potentially four ways in which the rebate could occur:

1. Have the buyer fill out a form and supporting documentation to send to Albany and then a rebate check issued.

2. Have the buyer fill out a form to be attached to his Form IT-201 and have him apply it to taxes owed, with any overage remitted to the him.

3. Have the rebate applied at the time of sale after the application of the sales tax, with the dealer handling the paperwork with Albany and receiving the money.

4. Have the rebate applied before the computation of sales tax, with the dealer handling the paperwork with Albany and receiving the money.

Of all the possibilities, #4 is the least likely to happen.:p

Another local dealer seems to have taken offense and written me off completely as a potential sale when I even mentioned the possibility of "any discounts off MSRP?" at his dealership on the Bolt... he started his email with "I appreciate the opportunity but..." and ended with "...Best of luck to you."
This wasn't the Chevy dealer in Roslyn, was it?:confused::p
No, it's out in eastern Suffolk past Riverhead.

For whatever reason, the east end dealers all have the same take-it-or-leave-it attitude when it comes to sales.
They low-ball your trade 20% below Blue Book, and charge MSRP for the new vehicle. I've bought quite a few vehicles from out of state dealers over the years because the Long Island dealers stick together like a pack of wolves regarding trade-in's and MSRP policies.

Some day they will realize there's something called the internet where consumers can shop with vendors from out of their local area :eek:
I've been doing business with the one in Riverhead. I've never gone to the one on the South Fork. I've toyed with the idea of buying on the West Coast and driving back to LI. In fact, on my 2015 summer road trip in my new 2014, I made an appointment to visit Rydel in LA, but cancelled when I called ahead and determined that no 2016s were available at all.

My son was interested in leasing a 2016 and I brought him to Riverhead to speak with my salesman. Living in Lake Grove, he decided to shop in Huntington, too. He found that the price was significently lower and Riverhead wouldn't budge, thus losing the business to Huntington. I agree with your take on East End dealer attitudes toward horse-trading.
Was the informed salesman by chance Michael R.?
LOL. Michael is my friendly salesman.:D:eek::p
I guess one of the reasons I like to do business with him is that I think that I can read him like a book - and I mean that in a kind sense. His lack of knowledge spurs me to find out the answers from more reliable sources, such as from this site. I measure his talk with what I already know or think I know. By continuing a quasi-relationship with him, I can better get the measure of the man and can better fine-tune my BS filter. I guess that may be why I stick with that dealer. That, and being only 12 miles from my house, which is a plus when my Volt needs service - a very, very infrequent event.:p:)

All of your observations are valid and they lost you as a potential customer as a result.
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