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Extended Warranty

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Just got a 17 Premier Volt and I am considering getting the Extended Warranty. I am aware of the pros and cons. My main question is that I was told GM no longer manages it and that Zurich is not doing it. Is this correct? Any issues with Zurich.

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Zurich is a very reputable company. And it's insurance, so it makes no difference who writes the policy. Many are sold after being written. Read it, and if you are happy with the terms then you are good to go.

But just so you are aware, most car warranty policies are a losing bet. They are sold at wildly different prices because they are of so little value. And they are pushed on you because the seller makes a killing. The big things on your car are already under a long warranty, and the little stuff is unlikely to cost you more than you pay for the insurance, plus any deductibles or co-pays. Cars are also more reliable then they've ever been. Read the fine print carefully.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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