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Exhaust Fumes

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Hello Volt Community,
It has been a while since I posted a question. While I am driving and the generator kicks in (Mountain mode or out of battery) I seem to be smelling exhaust fumes. Has anyone else had this issue? I thought maybe it was from other vehicles, but I put a window down to allow the fumes to escape, close the window, and the fumes come back.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
In case I had not mentioned it before, I was able to get a new battery pack covered by the 10 year warranty (in CA) thanks to our state regulators at CARB and BAR. They contacted the dealership, the repair was arranged, and I was provided a free loaner while the work was done (about 18 days).
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I'm sure there are a number of possible causes for your exhaust issue. I'll only mention the cause of the exhaust problem I had. The shop put too much oil in during an oil change (I think they put in 4.0 quarts when they were only supposed to put in 3.7). When the oil got hot during my next long road trip, it expanded enough to overflow a little out of the filler port and on to the very hot manifold. It was also winter so the cabin heat was on in the car and drawing burnt oil smells into the interior from the engine compartment for the whole trip. A quick check of your dipstick will reveal if that's your problem or not. I could also see oil residue around the filler cap.
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