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Exhaust Fumes

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Hello Volt Community,
It has been a while since I posted a question. While I am driving and the generator kicks in (Mountain mode or out of battery) I seem to be smelling exhaust fumes. Has anyone else had this issue? I thought maybe it was from other vehicles, but I put a window down to allow the fumes to escape, close the window, and the fumes come back.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
In case I had not mentioned it before, I was able to get a new battery pack covered by the 10 year warranty (in CA) thanks to our state regulators at CARB and BAR. They contacted the dealership, the repair was arranged, and I was provided a free loaner while the work was done (about 18 days).
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Clogged vapor canisters aren't that uncommon. We've seen rare reports of corrosion happening on filler necks near where they connect to the gas tank as well.
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