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Excellent, Balanced article. Chevy Bolt EV compared to others.

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It also talks about the new GM, Tesla, Nissan, and the Chevy Volt in proper perspective.
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Bacardi, I wish I could +100 your post. The Bolt is nice, and may even replace my Volt. But if they wanted huge sales, they would have made it longer (it's 24" shorter than the current Equinox, 16" shorter than Volt), taller, and slightly wider. And they would have sold it as a Buick/GMC. They could have charged $49,999 base, $60,000 loaded. Mary Barra was quoted a few weeks ago stating the Bolt was going to spin off a significant amount of additional EV models. I am hopeful for a surprise announcement forthcoming. Then again with EV profits being weak and gas at a near all-time low price (adjusted for inflation) and not much competition in the midsize CUV class (XC90 T8 too expensive, Pacifica Hybrid too big and a minivan) there isn't much of a catalyst for GM, or anyone else.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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