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Excellent, Balanced article. Chevy Bolt EV compared to others.

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It also talks about the new GM, Tesla, Nissan, and the Chevy Volt in proper perspective.
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Here's the thing: what you perceive as "added value" in an upscale marque other people perceive as "expensive".
And that's already the Bolt's problem - it's electric. Some of us consider that added value, most Chevy buyers consider it expensive. They'll prefer a nicer, cheaper gas car.

I think it's a confused marketing message - fancy drivetrain, but cheap materials, tiny cargo space, and lack of features such as ACC, power hatch, whatever that would be considered standard in a Cadillac.

I think they'd do better with a Buick variant. Make it look like the Encore - keep the fancy electric drivetrain, add a bit more space, and reasonable comfort/luxury. I'm fine with the Chevy model, but would have been happy to pay more for a nicer version.
But that is just the reality of electric cars today, especially ones with long range. Slapping a Cadillac nameplate on the car without spending more money to add Cadillac features isn't going to fool anyone into believing it's a Cadillac. And adding those features is going to make it even more expensive and narrow the potential market.
Adding cost/features would narrow the market on the low end, but expand it on the high end. I think that is a better formula for success - rich people don't mind paying for a fancy electric motor and battery. Poor people might like the idea, but can't afford to pay for it. This is why Tesla did well, first with its Roadster and then with its Model S. Rich people who like to think they are saving the planet.

Who is the target market for a cheap car with an expensive electric drive? A relative handful of people like us, I suspect.
I'm having a pretty hard time envisioning an automobile market that has more buyers at higher price levels.
Then envision a 328i made with cheap leather or cloth, hard plastic interior, and driver assistance features stripped out. BMW could sell it for a couple thousand dollars less. Would it sell more units? If so, why hasn't BMW thought of that? As a general rule of thumb, sure, lower cost means more unit sales. But not always - you have to have a package that makes sense.

At $35k, those 400,000 people believe they'll get a small luxury car with zero extra cost for the lightning-fast electric motor. It's just like the Model S, but a little smaller and with better, newer tech. Such a deal! If Tesla can really do that, then they deserve hundreds of thousands of sales. So far, however, they have not demonstrated any ability to manufacture cars that are cost-competitive with comparable ICE vehicles.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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