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Excellent, Balanced article. Chevy Bolt EV compared to others.

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It also talks about the new GM, Tesla, Nissan, and the Chevy Volt in proper perspective.
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If GM wanted an EV sales juggernaut, all they had to do was EV an AWD mid size EV...Equinox if they wanted to keep it under Chevy but I believe that is their WORST brand, even a GMC or Buick would be more "exclusive"...Then offer a Caddy model but keep the price competitive unlike the doubled price of the ELR and the Volt...If you have a bigger car you don't need to bother with space maximization...
"Exclusive" is such a weird concept to chase when you're talking about wanting bigger market share and more units being used by customers.
And if the Bolt WERE made by Ferrari, they would never sell 50,000 of them in a year. Tesla sells more cars *now* in a quarter than Ferarri do in a year. They'll already pledging by 2019 to *increase* their annual production across all lines, to 9000 cars per year. And that's why I feel "exclusive" is antithetical to market share, and is only good for inciting people to spend more money on ONE car than they would otherwise, not buy more cars.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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