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Excellent, Balanced article. Chevy Bolt EV compared to others.

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It also talks about the new GM, Tesla, Nissan, and the Chevy Volt in proper perspective.
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I think that the Chevy Bolt is really well ahead of the Tesla Model 3, not just the few months that Jeff Cobb has stated. The reality is that if you're new to EV and then choose between a Chevy Bolt and the sexier looking Tesla Model 3, and went ahead to order, guess the time difference between the delivery of the Chevy Bolt and the base Tesla Model 3. It would be over 3 years. From this practicality, the Chevy Bolt is ahead of the Tesla Model 3, by about 3 years, not a few months as stated by Jeff!
Overall agree but until Tesla announces the TM3 is delayed, can't really speculate...Also I'm not sure it'll be three years, I think it'll be closer to 1.5 years but that's just me speculating...
To those that reserved for TM3 with higher priced options, no delays unless you're later than the middle of the pack of the 373,000 reservations.

I'm talking about new clients now to decide on reserving for the TM3 and Chevy Bolt. The TM3 base model gets last priority. So it would be after the 373,000 deliveries, and if another person orders with with higher priced options, they get ahead and you get pushed back. So chances are slim to get your base Model 3 order into production and delivered even 3 years after today when you can get a Bolt from a dealer now.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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