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Hi there,

If you don't already know about it, I would respectfully suggest you look up "Electronic Wedge Brake" or EWB.

From what I've been reading about it, using it you will get better braking (they have a way faster response time that the regular ones, hence shorter braking distance. Also, if you choose so, differential braking would be an easy enough option).
Since is all electric (perfect match for an electric car), you can get rid of all the hydraulics () freeing up the space and eliminating some of the mass associated with them.

This is a quote from the link below:
"...Brake vacuum boosters, master cylinders, slave cylinders, anti-lock braking modules, brake fluid reservoirs, brake lines, pistons, brake fluid; the list goes on and on. Siemens claims that the EWB system will free up 22 liters in the engine bay, giving designers more room for other components..."

A web page talking about it (but you can find many others):

Siemens plans on starting full volume production in 2010, about the same time Volt production will be in full swing.
Given that there is still some time until then, it might be possible to use them for first Volt generation.

Rooting for you and your project :)
Robert G.
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