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EVSE showing open ground

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I bought a 2017 Volt Premier two weeks ago and am having some problems with my EVSE. We own two homes and have had the EVSE refuse to charge at both locations due to open ground. We solved the issue at our main home by replacing the outlet.

At our second home, we have a detached garage that is two years old. The EVSE shows open ground in any outlet we try to use in there. A plug-in tester indicates the outlets are grounded properly. We replaced an outlet in the new garage, since that helped at the other house, but it still does not work. I can run a heavy extension cord to the main house and the EVSE works fine.

Thoughts? Is it possible my EVSE is too sensitive?
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The Volt EVSE does seem to be especially sensitive to the ground conditions, but that is for a very good reason.

If it were me, I'd try the EVSE in a few other outlets at other locations and see how it behaves. If it gives you trouble in all the other places then it might be an issue with the EVSE. If it works right in those other places then I'd have an electrician check out the garage because the Volt can draw a continuous 1400 watt and that is a lot of juice to pull through a bad connection which could result in fire and related bad things.
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