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POTATO EV Portable Charger, Level 1 & 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • NEMA L6-30 Plug with Adapter for Level 1 Charging (NEMA 5-15)
  • 100-240V (3.84KW) Compatible with All EV Cars

Potato Brand EVSE Charger, Level 1 & Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

This is a great portable charger. It charges fast, is very lightweight and compact and is perfect for the Chevy Volt or any EV. Capable of charging at 3.84kW (approx. 16 amps at 240V or 32A at 120V).

Charger is less than a year old and in excellent condition. I currently have a NEMA L6-30 connector on it and have a custom adapter to use with a regular 15A/120V outlet. However I can put the original plug (NEMA 6-20) back on or for a few extra dollars put any plug you want on it.

Charger cord is 25’ long and power lead is about 4.5' long. The control box is IP55 rated waterproof. It includes the adapter and storage case. This is a very well made and highly rated on Amazon (also sold under the Duosida and other brand names). They retail for $200 on Amazon. Asking $140 plus shipping.


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