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Ontario is very picky about electricity, some times overprotective of the unions and stupid people doing shoddy work.
I see where they're coming from, but it's also a lot of hoops to jump through.

An electrical contractor and an electrician are two different things.
Electricians cannot (officially) just do work on the side, they must pay to become electrical contractors to do so.
So your nephew, as an electrician, is not permitted to do the work. It would have to go through a contractor or company that your nephew works for.

The least hassle method is to have your nephew teach you how to do it and you complete it under a DIY permit and ESA inspection.
It's literally the second easiest circuit to install, you can even have him look it over before inspection.
Many people have someone do the work for them and then apply for the permit as DIY and say they did the work. Know that if you do this, the inspector will know when he asks questions you don't have answers to. Best to actually DIY and learn something out of it.

Edit: I see it's already done - it needs to go through an electrical contractor he works for, if you want to be able to bill for install cost. Probably cheaper to just pay him his actual cost out of pocket than 50% the marked up rate. But then again, if you've passed ESA inspection already, the MOF probably doesn't care unless that ESA inspection was marked DIY/homeowner. Just send the invoice for services from your nephew.
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