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EV's are the way to go!

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Hey everyone! I have been following the Ev's for a few years now. In case your wondering if the Chevy Volt the only game in town? The answer is no. There is Phoenix Motors. They will be selling a SUV & a pickup in 2009. At 95 mph and 120 mile per charge. ZENN is coming out with a sedan at 80 mph and 250 miles per charge in fall of 2009. Telsa Motors is another Co. that is coming out with a sport sedan. ( a bit pricey but that should come down ) Not the Roadster. Way to much money. There are other choices out there. What is GM excuse with the 40 mile range on the Volt. Gm had the EV1 years ago with older battery technology and the car was getting 95 miles on a charge back then. ( See " Who Killed The Electric Car " ) GM could have had this Chevy Volt up and running a lot sooner. This industry just wanted to keep the public " on the pipe " in a manner of speaking. It's because of the small start up Co. Like the ones mention above that GM has no choice but to jump in a get a piece of this market. Don't think for a moment that they really care about the environment. I am on the list for a SUV from Phoenix Motors for next year and also thinking of picking up ( what ZENN calls - CityZenn ) one there cars. Pass the info. along.:D
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