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EVgo just updated what I consider to be a problem site at Victorville, CA. With the addition of the Baker, CA charger between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the Victorville site became a bottleneck because it is a helpful site for Bolt EV owners and an essential site for shorter range EVs making the trip out to Las Vegas.

Just a few weeks ago, the site only had one combo (CCS+CHAdeMO charger) with a second, CHAdeMO only charger. They have since replaced the CHAdeMO with a new, 125 A combo charger, so the site is now two dual CCS+CHAdeMO chargers.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test the older combo charger (Kendra), which had only been operating at 100 A for some time now. It appears that it might still only be charging at that rate, so Bolt EV owners specifically should try to prioritize using the 125 A charger (Werther) if possible.

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