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3rd Movie, 4:13. What battery is that?

T-shaped NiMH, 0-60mph 8sec, 200 miles single charge, 60% 15mins, last the lifetime of car.

Looks to be 288 (12*4*6) cells which would bring it on 1,2V to 350V.. Now if you'd make it lower form factor for bit more room for 4 and switch to 3,7V LiPo you'd need like 192 cells in two group to bring it to 350V.. Then you could use all the parts already made back then.

So.. The car was designed already on 1990 to meet the (dropped) 1998 ZEV regulations. Resurected in bankruptcy with of the shelf engine for extender to meet the 2012 ZEV regs.

No wonder why the (EV1 upgrade) Volt went "smoothly" and it took 10 years for GM to figure out what to do next (and ended up at Bolt).

It's not over engineered, just stuff they did at '90s :)
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