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EV Range limit is only 86 miles?

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I've had back to back 90-199 miles per full charge and yet my EV Range from the GOM never exceeds 86 miles after full charging that follows. Has anyone here started out with an EV Range of more than 86 miles?

Volt86 by Joe Real, on Flickr
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It's reasonably close to 65,535 tire revolutions. 65,535 is a 'magic number' to computer ECMs. I know the speedometers on newer GM products (2006+) are adjusted by revolutions per mile.

So if it's doing the math based on how much energy is required to turn one axle revolution, then that would explain it. There are a lot of values capped at 255 and 65535 in ECMs.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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