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EV Range limit is only 86 miles?

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I've had back to back 90-199 miles per full charge and yet my EV Range from the GOM never exceeds 86 miles after full charging that follows. Has anyone here started out with an EV Range of more than 86 miles?

Volt86 by Joe Real, on Flickr
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This thread started by "JoeReal" smells of BS and is bordering on trolling or at least trying to get a rise out of the less experienced or uneducated Volt owners.

It is impossible, with the stock HV battery in a Gen 2 Volt to get that number of miles unless you are driving some sort of "fixed" loop with no stopping, using cruise control and driving at well under standard speed limits, or driving downhill and charging at the bottom (or you have faulty software for your guessometer).

Please fully describe your problem or your style of driving so that new owners here will not be misled.
You are personally insulting me, for trying to push my Volt beyond its limits. This is not acceptable. I feel insulted by this response. Please look at my other threads that I have posted.

I have been collecting data for the Volt, analyzed them systematically, and know how to achieve my goals based on the data and observations that I have collected.

You're the troll here. This isn't the proper way to ask for techniques or tips. You should be glad that I have shared in many of my posts on how to achieve these feats.

What was my problem you're referring to when I'm asking if anyone else have achieved higher than the 86 miles EV Range reading after a full charge? I find your comment very insulting!
I think there is more to the story that Joe has not divulged yet. Let's give him a chance to explain before name calling, etc.
I have explained this one in some other threads on how to achieve what seems to be impossible. I demand apology from the insults hurled at me.

I have explained in part how I achieved 499.61 miles in a single day and made it to number 1 in VoltStats, but none of you cared anyway.!
I have contributed several statistics here, like this one.

VoltSpeed by Joe Real, on Flickr

and this one

VoltTemp by Joe Real, on Flickr
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I think there is more to the story that Joe has not divulged yet. Let's give him a chance to explain before name calling, etc.
Thanks Steverino. Truly it discourages someone from sharing if they start it out with BSing others... I've been one of the oldest members here in terms of joining, and don't deserve the improper insinuations. It isn't helpful in building up this wonderful community of EV and GM enthusiasts.
I'd like clarification for the questions I asked, Joe
I was asking if anyone else have exceeded the 86 mile EV Range displayed in their instrument panel at the start of the trip after a full charge.

Instead I got questions. It would be nice if my questions have at least been answered. I've seen some people over at the various FaceBook Chevy Volt groups that the highest so far was 83 miles. None of them have achieved 86. This group, being the oldest one and the very first one that I have joined before the first production Volt was even released, may have the answer to my simple question.
Sure, but that's why I asked what I asked. I knew people would want to know what is behind the number. Ignore that basic curiosity and your post will be viewed with some skepticism. And it was.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Hypermiling, recharging many times during the day, driving downhill can all help to achieve EV miles that exceed the battery range. And that seems to be what you did.

In answer to your question, no the highest I have seen on my car is 50 miles, it's also a gen 1, and I was simply looking for how far I could go on a single charge, flat ground, no multiple recharges.
Thanks, and I was just confirming for my 2017 Volt that the upper limit in the instrument panel display would seem to be 86 miles even if you regularly drive more than that via hypermiling, elevation changes, mountain mode combos.
I do not understand. Even your graphs show that it is impossible. I’m thoroughly confused unless you were driving 20 mph downhill for 25-30 miles.
If you have followed my other posts about these graphs it was explained in their proper context. My point was I've been collecting data, very observant with my Volt and I am insulted if someone calls out my observations as BS when I provided proof against their disbelief.

These graphs were for normal driving, such as level roads, more or less maintain constant speed, and then analyzed statistically for the patterns when using your Volt normally.

I was pushing limits of the Volt, beyond the confines of these graphs. In fact Ari Collins was able to do 122 miles on a charge driving less than 25 mph along an elliptical stadium for hours. I pushed it further on my first try by finding elevated charging stations and slide down from there and I have achieved 186 miles to a charge.

I then took up the challenge of beating the record in VoltStats for number of electrical miles driven in a day, and I have studied those graphs to aid me in the optimal speeds to use. I then have a fully charged Volt starting out at the highest elevation that I can find, and then driving level road at optimal speed to deplete the battery then slide downhill until battery is near fully charged and then drive level road again to deplete it and continue the process. I achieved nearly 200 miles to a charge. This is a record achievement run, not your normal use of the Volt, the same reason why Tesla drivers would crawl drive to establish the longest distance records with Tesla, or why would someone climb the peaks of the mountains...

So I used various hypermiling techniques. I've even calculated the expected recharge rates for regen from downhill elevation changes. Did some tricks with mountain mode and normal mode... In many of these instances between recharges, I achieved at least 90 miles to a full charge, going as high as 199 miles. That's when I noticed why the GOM for the EV Range seemed to max out at 86 miles. Normally, the EV Range in the GOM reflects your performance the previous charging cycles, and all my previous charging cycles were over 90 miles to a charge and yet, the display for the start of the next run never exceeded 86 miles for me, and that is why this post. So I'd be the first one to actually confirm this limit on the display if no one else can show me.
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In answer to your question, no the highest I have seen on my car is 50 miles, it's also a gen 1, and I was simply looking for how far I could go on a single charge, flat ground, no multiple recharges.
My record of 199 miles for a single charge has no external charging, as I have used 14.1 kWH shown in the DIC. But it was from the highest elevation that I can find, drove like a grandma in the windflow level road, then when battery was depleted, drove downhill at optimal speed for regen, and when the battery nears full from the regen drive level road again and repeat the process. The overall conversion efficiency of potential energy from elevation change to regen is approximately 75% and by driving carefully I didn't lose anything to friction braking. My record can be beaten if a higher elevation can be found to start driving.
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