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EV Model for Simulation: GM Volt. Design your own EV.

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The attached model is a simulation of the Dynamics and Range of the GM Volt. You can also design your own EV by using the model with different design parameters.

The model estimates that the Acceleration Performance of the Volt is 0 to 60 mph in 8.6 seconds :) and the Single Charge "Highway" Range @70 mph cruise is 26 miles. :(

See model details at


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The Tour De France has an average grade of 7%.
So in the mountains, should we shoot a little EPO or testosterone in the battery pack? Will we have to have random Volt doping tests to ensure valid mileage runs?

Actually, pro cycling may have finally really cleaned up their act, though it took ruiniing dozens of careers and losing tens of millions of dollars in sponsorships to get ther. Even without doping, those guys can crank out 400 watts continuously for 4-5 hours, every day, for 21 days. Amazing athletes. I know that during July, my Dish receiver is programmed to VS every day.
While we're talking about Cd, I recall a comment that after some wind tunnel testing, GM engineers concluded they needed to add a spoiler to improve the Volt's Cd. I had always assumed the spoilers on the tails of Celicas, Eclipses, and other high mpg sporty cars were just for looks. Could they actually be designed to guide some air over the tail end and reduce high speed flow separation and turbulence in the rear? I know that when I put my bike rack and a bike on the rear of my wife's Celica, the increased drag reduces mpg by 20% at freeway speeds.
Using the cruising power curve, a 65 mph and at 200-500 watt parasitic load, the power is 20 kW. Assuming 35% high efficiency engine-generator combination and 130,000 BTU/gallon gas, it works out to 43 mpg in generator mode. Just slowing down just 5 mph to 60 mph takes 15 kW and gets you 58 mpg. Conclusion - highway mileage will be extremely sensitive to speed.

Great work, Tom.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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