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EV Model for Simulation: GM Volt. Design your own EV.

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The attached model is a simulation of the Dynamics and Range of the GM Volt. You can also design your own EV by using the model with different design parameters.

The model estimates that the Acceleration Performance of the Volt is 0 to 60 mph in 8.6 seconds :) and the Single Charge "Highway" Range @70 mph cruise is 26 miles. :(

See model details at


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Tom, try using an electric motor efficiency of at least 92.4%. According to:, electric motors constructed according NEMA Design B must meet the efficiencies below:

Power (hp)........Minimum Nominal Efficiency
20 - 49..............88.5
50 - 99..............90.2
100 - 124..........91.7
> 125................92.4

I would assume the motor in the Volt would meet this spec, and likely exceed it. The Volt EM could be closer to 95% efficient.
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