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EV miles from OBD2?

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I'm thinking about picking up one of those OBD2 readers but wanted to know if I can get the total EV miles from that? I really can't understand why they don't show more details on the information screens in the Volt. I do understand that not everyone cares about the extra details but lots of people seem to be buying those OBD2 readers so why not just have a detailed stats page?

While they are at it, they could update the infotainment display... Simulated chrome accents? What is this, 1992? :)
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The only thing I actually use is to compare HV Cell Voltage every few months. See my latest comparision.
I took a quick glance at your HVmax and HVmin cell data. The last data point shows >50 mV spread in the results. For comparison, my 2011 typically shows a spread of about 20 mV from max to min. I don’t recall seeing such a large voltage spread even with the degraded battery in my LEAF.
Not sure. As you can see I have taken measurements for a couple years now. Not much change.
I have been taking data with my 2011 LEAF for many years using an OBD2 dongle. Attached are data from July 7, 2013 to Oct. 7, 2017. The voltage speed is quite small compared to your cottage spread, usually <20 mV. I wonder if your cells are not well balanced. For the LEAF, cell balancing requires a few hours after charging to 100% SOC, according to observations of LEAF drivers.


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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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