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EV miles from OBD2?

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I'm thinking about picking up one of those OBD2 readers but wanted to know if I can get the total EV miles from that? I really can't understand why they don't show more details on the information screens in the Volt. I do understand that not everyone cares about the extra details but lots of people seem to be buying those OBD2 readers so why not just have a detailed stats page?

While they are at it, they could update the infotainment display... Simulated chrome accents? What is this, 1992? :)
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The only thing I actually use is to compare HV Cell Voltage every few months. See my latest comparision.


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I took a quick glance at your HVmax and HVmin cell data. The last data point shows >50 mV spread in the results. For comparison, my 2011 typically shows a spread of about 20 mV from max to min. I don’t recall seeing such a large voltage spread even with the degraded battery in my LEAF.
Not sure. As you can see I have taken measurements for a couple years now. Not much change.
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