Even though Volkswagen won’t fully reveal the ID.3 — its first MEB-based all-electric car — Europeans who are excited about the car can now get their pre-orders in.

By putting €1,000 down, people looking to buy the ID.3 can get their name on the list for an ID.3 1st, which is the special launch edition.

Although the ID.3 will start at less than €30,000, the ID.3 1st will get lots of extra features, which get its starting price up to the sub-€40,000 range. Unfortunately, that’s as much specificity as you get for now. For reference, the Golf starts at around €20,000 in Germany, while the Tiguan starts at about €30,000. The e-Golf, meanwhile, starts at roughly €36,000.
Volkswagen did reveal, though, that on by WLTP standards, the ID.3 will be rated at 330 km to 550 km of range per charge depending on trim (200 to 340 miles, though the EPA tends to be tougher than the WLTP, so that figure may officially shrink in the US). The ID.3 1st will get a range of 420 km (260 miles).

People who buy the first edition ID.3 will also be buying into free electricity for a year (or 2,000 kWh) at all charging sites in VW’s network.

Buyers will also get to choose from one of four colors specially chosen for the ID.3 1st. It also gets light and bi-color exterior and interior design and the ID.3 1st Max comes with a panoramic glass roof and augmented reality HUD.

All versions of the car will come with big wheels, voice controls, and navigation.

While VW hasn’t offered much information about performance, SEAT did promise that its El-Born (an MEB-based EV that looks suspiciously like the ID.3) will get to 60 in 7.5 seconds. Although that sounds like less than neck-breaking acceleration, Jost Capito, head of VW’s R division, did tell us that he wants the brand’s performance vehicles to hit 60 in as little as 3 seconds, so there’s room for improvement.

We expect the camo to come off the ID.3 at the Frankfurt auto show in September.

From VWVortex.com