Most readers here who've followed the Volt know its history being exported to Europe, and that GM has said it won't send the Volt or an Opel/Vauxhall Ampera in second-generation form.

Well, some Europeans who believe GM should reconsider have started a petition on

Called, the Association Amperistes et Amis des Véhicules Rechargeables, their page on the website says to date they have 606 supporters. They also have their own website , if you read or can translate French.

GM early on did enjoy reports of responsive sales, especially for the Ampera. Later on, sales were reported as relatively bleak, and Opel said it would not have a gen-two Ampera.

With the new version offering 53 (U.S. EPA rated) miles, the petitioners are saying GM has an opportunity. Following, as first noted by Gas 2.0 , is the petition , which you may sign if you like.

GENERAL MOTORS: Bring the second-generation Volt in Europe

In 2011, General Motors introduced on the european market the first plug-in hybrid vehicle (precisely extended-range electric vehicle), the Opel Ampera, almost-twin of the Chevrolet Volt introduced 1 year earlier in the United States (and in Europe at the same time as the Ampera).

These cars have been elected 2012 European car of the Year. Ces voitures ont été élues voiture de l’année 2012. Despite non-existant or minimal marketing effort in these countries, the Ampera has been the most successful plug-in car in 2012 (plug-in hybrids or pure electric cars) with more thean 20% market share.

The promise of this car : real electric driving for every day –thanks to its 40-80 kilometers real electric range-, and the ability to make long journeys with a gasoline fuel economy comparable to most ICE cars in its size.

Promise kept for many of its users, allowing the car to get the highest satisfaction rate for a General Motors car (JDPower survey : 92%), and a lifetime fuel consumption of less than 1l/100km for some drivers.

While in the US, the Volt has always monopolized the sales podium in its class, European sales have lost momentum after 2012 and the manufacturer, who did nothing to revive by excluding the car of any marketing effort, has said it will not renew the model in Europe.

In the US, General Motors renews the Volt this year in a second-generation car, with a much better electric range (+40%) and a price and fuel economy lowered. Improvements that can be decisive in a growing PHEV European market, where no model could claim the same versatility and electric range as the Volt / Ampera, even in its first generation.

To continue to provide the consumers with an intermediate choice between expensive or range-limited pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids with a miserable electric range (for the best “others” 35 to 40 real electri kilometers, and mandatory ICE start above a certain speed), it is necessary –if not essential- that a car such as the second-generation Chevrolet Volt be available on the european market – whatever is its future brand (Opel or Chevrolet… or another). Such a model in the european will also encourage other manufacturers to make serious efforts to stop considering electric propulsion as an under-dimensioned solution in rechargeable hybrid architecture, there or GM has already understood that it must first be daily electric and emission-free.

By this petition, we demand the valability in Europe of an equivalent to the second-generation US Chevrolet Volt.

With this petition, we allow signatories to express a strong interest and an intention to purchase some rechargeable hybrid of this unique model making no compromise between efficiency (approval / autonomy) of electric propulsion and autonomy global unconstrained thermal extension offered autonomy. For the "pioneers" of the first model, it is also to express a strong attachment and a secure reengagement (for almost majority of buyers) towards a model that competition hardly convincing.

Thank you for your perusal, We count on you ...