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Engine Running Full Charge

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It was really hot when I started my Volt about 10:30 this morning. It's about a mile to the pavement and I have to drive slowly so not much cooling and I had the air on high.
So I get to the pavement and stop at the mail box and I can hear the engine running. I open the hood and look at it, it's running.

The panel doesn't show it's running but it's running.

I went ahead and went to the store and it ran there when I started it but I heard it stop running after I was driving around.

So it must come on for extra cooling or something?

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Or the sensor to the hood is bad or needs adjustment. The other option could be fuel maintenance mode or engine maintenance mode, but you would have seen a message on your DIC for that
When it's 114 outside pretty much everything is hot.

Thanks guys, I think I thought it was running and opened the hood to see if it was. Not a valid methodology.

I think I was just freaking out. The really HOT weather only happens a few weeks here and there, the rest of the year it's nice.

I was afraid the heat would overload the flux capacitor or something.
just to be safe, keep it under 88 mph
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