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Engine Running Full Charge

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It was really hot when I started my Volt about 10:30 this morning. It's about a mile to the pavement and I have to drive slowly so not much cooling and I had the air on high.
So I get to the pavement and stop at the mail box and I can hear the engine running. I open the hood and look at it, it's running.

The panel doesn't show it's running but it's running.

I went ahead and went to the store and it ran there when I started it but I heard it stop running after I was driving around.

So it must come on for extra cooling or something?

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Opening the hood while it's on starts the motor?

Damn, that's good to know.

I have a longer trip today, going to have to use about 30% of the trip on gas.

And the forecast is for 114 today.

Thanks guys
But don't touch the exhaust pipe. Another place you can touch is the actual hood of the car. If it's ambient temperature the ICE isn't running. If it's hot then ICE is or has been running recently.
When it's 114 outside pretty much everything is hot.

Thanks guys, I think I thought it was running and opened the hood to see if it was. Not a valid methodology.

I think I was just freaking out. The really HOT weather only happens a few weeks here and there, the rest of the year it's nice.

I was afraid the heat would overload the flux capacitor or something.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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