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Engine Running Full Charge

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It was really hot when I started my Volt about 10:30 this morning. It's about a mile to the pavement and I have to drive slowly so not much cooling and I had the air on high.
So I get to the pavement and stop at the mail box and I can hear the engine running. I open the hood and look at it, it's running.

The panel doesn't show it's running but it's running.

I went ahead and went to the store and it ran there when I started it but I heard it stop running after I was driving around.

So it must come on for extra cooling or something?

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If you had the A/C on high, the compressor is pretty noisy from outside. As soon as you opened the hood, it triggered the engine to start. Opening the hood forces the engine on for maintenance reasons.

Next time you think it's running, go to the rear and put your hand in front of the exhaust pipe and you'll know if it's really running.
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