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Engine not availible

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I got this message this morning on the way to work. Made it to the dealer. Once there I shut it down and turned it back on. No power at all. Waiting to hear what the issue is. Hopefully it's covered under Voltec warranty. If not I will be looking another car.
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Update: The electronic brain for the transmission has a problem. They are replacing this + the throttle body under the Voltec warranty. Gave me a loaner- new Colorado PU. The Volt (2014) did what it supposed to do. It went into "limp-home" mode and let me get to the dealer- I was still able to do 65 mph. Throttle response was reduced. Once I got to the dealer and shut it down, I restarted it but had no propulsion- which is what is supposed to happen. It will be fixed by EOD tomorrow- 2 days in the dealership. And this was because they didn't have one of the 3 parts needed. Cars has 46,000 miles.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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