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Engine not availible

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I got this message this morning on the way to work. Made it to the dealer. Once there I shut it down and turned it back on. No power at all. Waiting to hear what the issue is. Hopefully it's covered under Voltec warranty. If not I will be looking another car.
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What year is your Volt? I had a similar issue with my 2012. If I remember it probably happened around 2013.

I got message reduced propulsion -engine not available. I pulled off the highway and parked. Tried restarting-no engine just funny noises. Onstar sent a tow. When the tow got there, I was able to start with the engine running. I drove 50 miles to my closest dealer and left it, after hours. They had it for 3 or 4 days. They never found anything wrong with it. It has been fine with these regard since. The story that I got was " it probably a metal shaving from production that got caught in a transmission solenoid, which then probably dislodged hopefully getting caught in a filter"

Maybe you should try restarting after it sits a little while. If that does not work, you should probably at least get codes.
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