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Engine Maintenance Mode

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So I see that the car will notify me when it wants to do an EMM gas burn. My question is can I delay this burn until I know I'll be driving downhill for the 10-15 minutes it will take to run this cycle or should I just put the car in Hold mode for this stretch of my commute after I see this warning?

I figure if the car is going to do this then I want to get the most use of the gas during this burn.
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I have a question regarding the engine maintenance mode. I have a 2017 which I run almost totally on battery. I hardly ever use the engine. Last week it said it needed to do Engine Maintenance. I thought well that'll be okay and well, I didn't have any option to delay... that I know of. So, long story short, it's been doing engine maintenance from full take to using all the gas, now it's out of gas and wants me to fill up. The electric says 'Running low no propulsion' and the car is just super super slow. No get-up and go. I'm going to fill it up again but I think it's just going to continue the 'engine maintenance'. Does anyone know if this is normal? It's been running 'engine maintenance' for over a week using a full tank of gas, and it wants more. Thanks!
Are your trips really really short where you don’t let the engine get hot before shutting off? And are you sure this is engine maintenance mode and not fuel maintenance mode? FMM will burn all the old fuel off and could have been lengthened by just adding some fresh fuel.
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