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Engine Maintenance Mode

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So I see that the car will notify me when it wants to do an EMM gas burn. My question is can I delay this burn until I know I'll be driving downhill for the 10-15 minutes it will take to run this cycle or should I just put the car in Hold mode for this stretch of my commute after I see this warning?

I figure if the car is going to do this then I want to get the most use of the gas during this burn.
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Personally I think its wise to at least every month drive just on gas for 10 miles or so or until the engine temp. is 200 F or so. Even from a cold start the 2016-17 Volt will consume only a quart of gas or even less, with current prices thats easily less the a buck.
I agree with this assessment. I own the car, so, I want it to last a good long while. The engine needs to run regularly to keep everything up to snuff. GM's solution is the bare minimum. Since I rarely am all-electric on most days, it runs every day I drive, so, no worries.
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