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Energy Use Question.......

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I leave my Volt plugged in when not in use. Does anyone know about how much energy is being used AFTER my Volt is fully charged, but being left plugged in? I assume this might vary some depending upon the temp inside my garage, but assuming the temp is about 70 degrees most of the time, what do you think? Seems like when someone asks me what it really costs to run my car on electric only I would need to account for any power consumption by the car while being plugged in.
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THanks for the info. Glad to hear it is pretty insignificant. It would be cool if the "info" on the center stack could show exactly what total kwhr's were used to from the beginning of charging to when the cord is disconnected prior to the next driving session.
My 2014 GM L1 EVSE (Clipper Creek OEM) uses 2W at idle. The 2017's could be lower, but I haven't heard of any actual measurements. If you pay $0.11 per KWHr, that's $1 per watt per year (good rule of thumb), or $2 per year for the EVSE plugged in 24/7. Remember that standard outlets are not designed to be plugged into every day, they will loosen up over time, requiring replacement.
Thanks for the info. By the way, I leave my EVSE plugged in all the time, never remove it from the wall outlet in my garage. I bought a spare EVSE when I got my car to use whenever I travel, and as a backup should anything go wrong with the EVSE that came with the car. Got the new one for 50% off due to my Costco Buyer program with the dealer. (Meaning I paid closer to what one really should have to pay from a dealer:)........
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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