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Energy Screen pegged at -5 at all times

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We are enduring the coldest winter in 20 years around here, but we finally have a few days when the OAT is +6 to 9 degrees C. So I checked the Energy screen to see if it was still pegged to the far left side, and it is!
Can someone tell me why? On start up with a fresh charge, I would think the bars will all go to the center position until the Terrain or Driver style causes a change. Same for Climate? I only recently checked this because the distance traveled with the battery is suffering about 25 km, although its beginning to improve with the warmer weather.
Any ideas?
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I have to clarify my original post. The term on the Energy Info screen I'm concerned about is "Climate Control", which I suppose is to track the use of the power-robbing fan, heat/cooling, defrost, Max vs. Eco settings, etc. I drove on a fresh full charge today until the charge was all gone, and finished the 100km trip on the generator. That bar graph stayed stuck on -5 from beginning to end!

I still am none the wiser!
Might be the Auto Defog setting that is doing it, if you haven't turned it off yet. It is a setting located in the center stack settings, not the front/rear defrost button.
A lot of Gen 1 owners feel that the Auto Defog runs too often and just leave it turned off. However, in my Gen 2, I decided to leave it on, and I think it works better that the Gen 1 version to keep the widows from fogging up. It uses a sensor on the windshield to determine humidity and can turn on the A/C and/or heat automatically.

I see from your signature that our Volts are nearly twins. They were probably on the assembly line together.
I'll check that today.

Thanks, and yes, we were waiting for our Volts together last year and we PM'd a few times!
Oh yeah, I remember you now. Where was yours on the line? (last 5 digits of the VIN) Mine is # 00157.
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