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Energy Screen pegged at -5 at all times

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We are enduring the coldest winter in 20 years around here, but we finally have a few days when the OAT is +6 to 9 degrees C. So I checked the Energy screen to see if it was still pegged to the far left side, and it is!
Can someone tell me why? On start up with a fresh charge, I would think the bars will all go to the center position until the Terrain or Driver style causes a change. Same for Climate? I only recently checked this because the distance traveled with the battery is suffering about 25 km, although its beginning to improve with the warmer weather.
Any ideas?
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I have to clarify my original post. The term on the Energy Info screen I'm concerned about is "Climate Control", which I suppose is to track the use of the power-robbing fan, heat/cooling, defrost, Max vs. Eco settings, etc. I drove on a fresh full charge today until the charge was all gone, and finished the 100km trip on the generator. That bar graph stayed stuck on -5 from beginning to end!

I still am none the wiser!
I'll check that today.

Thanks, and yes, we were waiting for our Volts together last year and we PM'd a few times!
Oh yeah, I remember you now. Where was yours on the line? (last 5 digits of the VIN) Mine is # 00157.

And you were right about the auto-defog setting. Now the climate setting graph behaves in a reasonable way, and I can cause it to be less or more with various selections now, although it won't go to zero with all power shut off, which seems strange.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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