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Joe ,Ener1 /EnerDel is a publicly traded company ,HEV is the trading symbol. They had a history with GM during ev1 days,also a Gassenheimer (CEO)interview with Lyle exists here somewhere.

Judging from the recent news from GM stating they will be naming the battery pack supplier,it more than likely will not be HEV.

However more recent news indicates GM will be entering the battery business and HEV CEO wants a partner.HEV might be worth watching towards the end of year, when GM makes the supplier announcement.

In a shocker of a statement the article goes on to imply that afterward, GM, “because it believes that electrics will play a large part in the future of the car, it is now bringing battery technology in-house. ”

Today GM’s advanced battery director Denise Gray..."Not only are the developments underway in making the Volt packs important for that car, but will indeed pave the way for a future battery "dynasty" at GM."
Gassenheimer states:

He said Ener1 now wants to find a new partner, such as an automaker, for the battery business.

"I don't believe EnerDel's best approach is to go it alone. We need partners," he said.

• Management believes that the Company is positioned to announce two additional development contracts prior to the end of the year with key Tier One OEM or Automotive Manufacturers.
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