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ELR Oil Change

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When I purchased my left over new 2014 ELR last fall from an out-of-state dealer I was told the first oil change/maintenance would be at "no cost".

I logged into the local Certified Cadillac ELR dealership's website to make an appointment providing my VIN, and their web site states I have to pay $59 +tax. So I emailed my ELR (Volt) advisor who stated that; "GM does provide new vehicle purchases with a complimentary 2 year/24,000 mile Maintenance Plan. If you bought this vehicle outside those parameters, you may be responsible for the cost of the oil change/maintenance." Wow, Better think again!

On (09/03/15) this is what I read; "Cadillac gets GM's best coverage. The Premium Care Maintenance program debuted on the Cadillac CTS Coupe, and is now standard on all new models. This program covers the car for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Cadillac doesn't specify how many services will be covered, but a safe assumption would be that owners will get at least one scheduled maintenance per year". I'm not so sure?

FYI: My 2013 Volt's 1st oil change was @ No Charge. So I guess GM changed the rules on freebies again?

Did anyone else that owns an ELR have to pay for their 1st oil change?
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I got the first oil change free and expect the second one to be free as well. But given the price I paid for the car I'm not overly worried about paying $50 for an oil change once every two years. My guess is that, as suggested by Scarlett1, your car is special in some way. Might be a demo or out of the MY (for example the MY matters for extended service plans).
What I'm saying here is that GM will try and snooker you anyway they can coming with a "New Policy" to get out of giving you a freebie.
Thanks El Dobro, I just now received a phone call from the dealership after writing an email to them. The Service Manager informed me just what you stated. The SM said I was good thru 2020 or 50k miles. I'll never put the 50k miles on a car because I only drive ~5k a year.
Seems like somebody owes somebody an apology. Coming from German and Japanese luxury brands, I haven't seen any hint that GM tries to back out of commitments to customers. Quite the opposite. Usually when we have these situations we find a dealer who is not communicating well with the customer or GM or who is simply wrong.

What a waste of perfectly fine oil.
What are they thinking?
+1. My thought exactly. Obviously a dealer who wants to make a few bucks from GM is engaging in horrible practices. I would avoid a dealer like this. Not only is the practice offensive, if a dealer will cheat GM to make a buck they will definitely try and cheat you as well. Best to stay away.
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