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Electric Tri-State? Illinois Tollway looks at embedding charging equipment in I-294

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The Illinois Tollway is examining the possibility of embedding equipment into I-294 that would charge electric vehicles as they drive along the road.
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No, the tollway is a quasi private/government agency. Everyone pays a toll, fuel type does not matter. However, EV's are consider "Vehicle: Other" (not a regular car IOW) for this system —not that they tell you that anywhere.

I started getting huge penalty bills because even though our Bolt has a toll transponder, since we did not check that Other box, they essentially treated it as having no transponder. They did back off after a phone call.
I don’t get it. Your vehicle has a transponder registered to it and is V-toll I.D.’d by the license plate. That makes no sense to have to check an OTHER box. How is that any different than the Volt. Mine has a transponder I don’t recall any special boxes to check when I registered it. I just checked my tollway registration. Under vehicle class it says [ auto / motorcycle (2 axles) ]

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The Volt has a gas engine and is not considered as an EV like the Bolt. wssix99 nailed it, the EV license plate makes the Bolt different. So apparently there was a record mismatch in the tollway system. My transponder's "car" designation did not match the EV vehicle license type of "other".

They did reverse the penalties (about $70!) after the call straightened out what was going on.

That you have car, truck, motorcycle, other as vehicle types and then the Bolt is thrown into "other" because of it's motive energy source is a bit weird. It's not a car because it lacks the Volt's ICE seems like a bit of non-logic to me, but whatever, is what it is.
Your’s was due the EV license plate. A state of Illinois thing.

I’m in WI. We don’t have an EV license plate for General class Automobiles. There is a Low Speed Electric Vehicle plate. But those are only issued to NEV’s neighborhood electric vehicles Aka Road-able golf carts.

A Bolt in this state just gets a regular AUTO plate, but has a $100 EV FEE To make up for lost GAS tax collections added too the Standard plate fee of $75.

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Now, what's Wisconsin doing along I-94?
What part of I-94 are you referring too?

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Great info, thanks!

For many years we kept the transponder in the 2011 Volt's cubby on top of the dash (later cars don't have this cubby). Never had an issue until recently. Maybe it was being video tolled the whole time, I don't know. After a spate of non-read penalties (fixed with a phone call) we now keep it on the glass.
I also wonder if the Age of the transponder has something to do with it not being read on occasion.

I got a notification letter from the Illinois tollway office a couple years ago, that said, the transponder was due for replacement based on its age and some internal battery timing out. I’d had that transponder 10 years. The next time I was down that way, I stopped at the Belvedere oasis and exchanged it for a new one.

On a side note, I have a Vehicle with with an IR blocking windshield. The transponder will not work behind that glass. They have those plate mounted transponders to address this issue. However, they are big and ugly IMO.
I took my interior transponder with new Sticky pads and mounted it inside the plastic bumper cover near the center. It works perfectly that way and is a stealth appearance. Also, when I go through the Toll Exits, I always slow down enough to observe the Blue light come ON. Never missed one yet. I use it as confirmation that it still works, since I only go to the Chicago area a few times a year. I’ve seen plenty of people fly through them.

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Yup, and while that's a LITTLE much for me, the gas tax I don't spend is about $60 so it's not THAT far off, and I admittedly don't drive a whole lot. It probably steams up the lead-footed Prius owners, though, who only getting about 35 MPG and are burning gas for every trip...
What vehicle are you paying the $100 EV fee on?

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2012 Volt. Just like the signature says.
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Either way, when I renewed in May, my Renewal fee was still $75. No change.

I will say that the plate was a transfer from our previous Caddy. Not that it should matter the Volt is still registered with a VIN that should tell the DMV what type of vehicle class it is.

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They'll figure it out eventually. And bill you for it.
At one time, their was supposed to be a 2-tiered EV fee. $75 for Plug-in Hybrid and $100 for BEV. Which one are you paying ? Or have you even had a 2019 renewal yet, since the law went into effect Jan. 1, 2018?

The DMV only lists (electric vehicle only) fee $100

Here a copied excerpt straight from the DMV website.

[On September 21, 2017, a new law created a $100 annual surcharge for electric vehicles (motor vehicles propelled solely by electrical energy and not capable of using gasoline, diesel fuel, or alternative fuel).

The surcharge applies to vehicles registered as an automobile or as a light truck up to 8,000 lbs. gross weight, including dual purpose vehicles. The surcharge will be collected whenever the regular annual registration fee is paid for plate issuance and registration renewal.

The new surcharge will be collected starting with applications received January 1, 2018, or later.]

My takeaway is that the Volt is capable of using gasoline, so it is exempt. And it states applications received after Jan 1 2018. Meaning new Vehicles or new/used vehicle transfer applications after said date.

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