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Electric Tri-State? Illinois Tollway looks at embedding charging equipment in I-294

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The Illinois Tollway is examining the possibility of embedding equipment into I-294 that would charge electric vehicles as they drive along the road.
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Nice, but simply adding DCFC charge stations every 70 miles would be much more helpful.
Well, they're "Add at Belvidere Oasis" away from having exactly that, at least as far as the Tollway itself is concerned. Lake Forest, O'Hare, and Lincoln are already so-equipped.
Your’s was due the EV license plate. A state of Illinois thing.

I’m in WI. We don’t have an EV license plate for General class Automobiles. There is a Low Speed Electric Vehicle plate. But those are only issued to NEV’s neighborhood electric vehicles Aka Road-able golf carts.

A Bolt in this state just gets a regular AUTO plate, but has a $100 EV FEE To make up for lost GAS tax collections added too the Standard plate fee of $75.
Yup, and while that's a LITTLE much for me, the gas tax I don't spend is about $60 so it's not THAT far off, and I admittedly don't drive a whole lot. It probably steams up the lead-footed Prius owners, though, who only getting about 35 MPG and are burning gas for every trip...
Since this is the Illinois toll road we are talking about, Chicago to Milwaukee is about a hundred miles, you could do that round trip without recharging in a Model 3 easily, you could even do it in a Bolt if you were careful, and certainly if you had just a little bit of destination charging. Putting a couple of fast chargers on the highway would completely solve that problem.
It's about 60 miles from the Lake Forest (northernmost) Oasis DCFC to the EVGo one at Outpost Foods on Milwaukee's near south side. Even a Leaf could do it with a trivial level of attention. There's TWO SC stations between those points and another just south of where the Oasis is plus a Tesla showroom, so Teslas are well-covered.
I stopped at the I-88 oasis by DeKalb on my Iowa trip to see if any were there yet, nope.

Now, what's Wisconsin doing along I-94?
Hah. Road construction. :)
What vehicle are you paying the $100 EV fee on?
2012 Volt. Just like the signature says.
Can’t see signatures when using Tapatalk.

Either way, when I renewed in May, my Renewal fee was still $75. No change.

I will say that the plate was a transfer from our previous Caddy. Not that it should matter the Volt is still registered with a VIN that should tell the DMV what type of vehicle class it is.
They'll figure it out eventually. And bill you for it.
1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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