[ad#post_ad]Today Indiana-based Electric Motors and Vehicle Company (EMAV) officially launches as a company along with the announcement of its new upcoming product called the Power Regeneration Unit (PRU).

The PRU is a actually a self-propelled diesel generator on wheels that can be hitched to an electric car and towed along as a trailer. It allows the pure electric car to possibly have a similar mode of operation to the Chevy Volt's charge-sustaining mode, acting as a range-extender that produces electricity on the fly allowing the electric car continuous operation over long distances.  The Device aims to extend the range of any electric vehicle by up to 10x—from an average electric vehicle range of 100 miles per charge to 1,000 miles per charge.

The company and product launch is further accompanied by the announcement of an extension of their partnership with with Mopar to develop the device and bring it to market. EMAV current produces and supplies the Jeep off-road camper/trailer to Mopar which is currently on sale at 2500 Chrysler dealerships in the United States. These units have been road tested for over 300,000 miles, and the PRU is built off of the same chassis.

EMAV says a working prototype will be demonstrated in the first quarter of 2011, and retail sales are anticipated to begin in the second half of 2011.

“For electric cars to be truly viable for a mass consumer audience, we need to bridge the gap between low-range electric vehicles that can travel moderate distances to electric vehicles which can truly become the sole family vehicle,” said Wil Cashen, founder and President, EMAV. “Our goal is to move the marketplace beyond the first generation of electric vehicles to more powerful and rugged cars that also have endurance. This will evolve the electric car paradigm from a supplemental to a primary car for consumers.”

The 1,220 pound device is self-propelled via an on-board 28 hp electric propulsion motor. It uses sensors to match the speed of the car.  This avoids adding any load demand to, and thus power drain from the car. It contains a 6.6 gallon fuel tank and its own lithium ion batteries. It can generate 25 kw of max power from a 4-cylinder 750cc diesel engine.  It also even has room for internal storage.

The cost of the unit is expected to be $15,000 and according to EMAV is designed to work with any electric vehicle. "It will be able to interact with any electric car," said Cashen. "We are making the technology brand agnostic, and will have fits for all manufacturer’s models"

You may remember what was previously known as the Electric Motors Company and CEO Wil Cashen when he revealed the FLASH all -electric truck prototype in September 2009.  There was hope for DOE funding and a large production workforce that never occurred.  That company apparently failed.  As to whether this new device will make it to market, we'll have to wait and see.

About EMAV, from their Press Release:

ELECTRIC MOTORS AND VEHICLES COMPANY, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMAV COMPANIES , is a global technology and product development company focused on rugged and sustainable electric vehicles, and electric vehicle technologies. The company offers power systems and all-terrain vehicles of various models with powertrain options that include electric, hybrid electric, alternative fuel, gasoline, and diesel drive systems. EMAV provides essential research and development, engineering, design, production, warranty, and customer support for various automobile partners, including Mopar - Jeep, a division of Chrysler Group, LLC, for which EMAV has developed and manufactures the Mopar - Jeep and RAM Camper - Trailer products. EMAV is currently in development with numerous patent-pending electric vehicle technologies, including its proprietary PRU™: a power regeneration unit which extends the range of electric vehicles, expected to be available for sale in early 2011.

Founded in 2010, EMAV is located in Wakarusa, Indiana. For more information, visit www.emavco.com