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Electric cars near 2 percent of German market (plug-in hybrids included)

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<While Volkswagen's diesel scandal has fallen out of the public eye in the United States, its effects continue to be felt in Europe, where diesel-powered cars have long reigned supreme.

Falling sales of diesel vehicles in many European countries are somewhat balanced by a boost for electric and plug-in hybrid cars across the continent.

The latest figures from the country of Germany are indicative.

For the month of August, sales of battery-electric cars in Germany were up 137 percent and sales of plug-in hybrids were up 214 percent.

Combined, the two varieties of cars that plug in are now approaching 2 percent of new-car sales in Germany.

The latest sales data comes from CleanTechnica, which shows a 1.88-percent market share of for battery-electric and plug-in hybrid cars together.>

2%...Which used be be called within the Margin of Error...:rolleyes:
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