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Sorry if wrong place BUT... I have a question. As most new Volt drivers are... I'm becoming obsessed with the best mileage. I will be about 75/25 electric/"fuel" miles. What is the optimal speed to "drive gas"? I'm sure highway is probably the most efficient time to use hold correct? Is there an optimal speed? 60, 65, 97, 70? I'm sure flat vs hills, slow grades vs steep all make a difference I'm just currious. Btw I've got about 70miles on gas and I'm at 40.2 :) around 215ish overall mpg with somewhere around 350 miles +-20.

Loving it btw :)
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The most efficient speed to drive the first generation Volt on gas was 36 mph - just over the threshold where the engine was mechanically linked to the wheels.

The second generation Volt is always linked, though, so I'm thinking the most efficient speed on gas is likely the same as the most efficient speed on electricity - somewhere in the 20 mph range.

Of course, that's not really a practical way to drive in the US today. So the general rule is as slow as you're comfortable going, with as mild acceleration and deceleration as you can safely manage.

Or, you know, ignore the gauges and drive it like you stole it - and realize you're still getting better economy on both gas and electric than 90+% of the cars on the road with you. :p
Thanks for all the responses everyone!

My scenario was I was about 5 miles short of EV and I couldn't decide if it would be better to use the gas on the highway and EV on the backroads.

I also wondered if using mountain mode was a good idea when I was out of EV, for say 10 miles on the highway or backroads, to build up slightly for the last couple miles from the off ramp to my house.

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Ah. That's a somewhat different question. The general consensus is to use the ICE for part of the freeway portion. It's likely a little better for efficiency without the start/stop cycles of the lower speed parts, but mostly it's a lot more pleasant - at 60 you'll only know the engine is on from the instruments, but in stop and go you'll feel and hear the engine.
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