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Sorry if wrong place BUT... I have a question. As most new Volt drivers are... I'm becoming obsessed with the best mileage. I will be about 75/25 electric/"fuel" miles. What is the optimal speed to "drive gas"? I'm sure highway is probably the most efficient time to use hold correct? Is there an optimal speed? 60, 65, 97, 70? I'm sure flat vs hills, slow grades vs steep all make a difference I'm just currious. Btw I've got about 70miles on gas and I'm at 40.2 :) around 215ish overall mpg with somewhere around 350 miles +-20.

Loving it btw :)
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I used to drive it like a grandpa trying to eek out every mile, now I drive like Jeff Gordon taking on any and all pony cars and ricer boys. It's much more fun to drive it like a jackrabbit, ev miles be damned. It took me two years to get there... stop agonizing yourself and just break the cycle now. Otherwise you might become an Ari_C at 20+K miles with no fuel at all (probably more by now).
Thanks for all the responses everyone!

My scenario was I was about 5 miles short of EV and I couldn't decide if it would be better to use the gas on the highway and EV on the backroads.

I also wondered if using mountain mode was a good idea when I was out of EV, for say 10 miles on the highway or backroads, to build up slightly for the last couple miles from the off ramp to my house.

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You're overthinking it. For a 5 mile stretch any work you do is only going to save a few dozen feet or so. Don't use mountain mode. There are losses in the conversion of motion to electricity to storage in the battery to the electric motor. In hold mode, it goes from motion to electricity to the electric motor.

Whatever you do, don't put it into a mode and forget, thus pulling into the driveway with lots of battery miles. I've done that enough times that I've decided it's best to just drive until you run out of juice and let the car switch to Dino juice. In the winter, however, the best tactic is to precondition, then start the car in hold mode with the climate control off to warm the ice, and partway through turn on the heat. With my highway commute, I hit the highway, then city streets for about 7 miles, I'evve arrive in city traffic with 30+ miles on the guessometer, switch from hold to normal, and would drive the rest of the way withoutmlosing any miles on the guessometer. The winter tactics change as the range will drop to around half.
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