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Sorry if wrong place BUT... I have a question. As most new Volt drivers are... I'm becoming obsessed with the best mileage. I will be about 75/25 electric/"fuel" miles. What is the optimal speed to "drive gas"? I'm sure highway is probably the most efficient time to use hold correct? Is there an optimal speed? 60, 65, 97, 70? I'm sure flat vs hills, slow grades vs steep all make a difference I'm just currious. Btw I've got about 70miles on gas and I'm at 40.2 :) around 215ish overall mpg with somewhere around 350 miles +-20.

Loving it btw :)
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I always accelerate to the speed limit quickly at every red light I'm at...

However, today I found myself driving conservatively back home after an 8 hour shift. Today's been really the only day i've been pretty mentally and physically tired. So I guess I drive slower when I'm tired... which is rare.... 21 mile commute home with 27 EV miles, half streets/half freeway and made it home with 5 EV miles remaining while using the AC the entire way. Usually I run out. Not bad.
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