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Efficiency drop on a single trip?

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I noticed right after charging, the efficiency is high but slowly decreases, this is in Nor Cal. I realized warmed up car is efficient.
Today first 10.7 miles took 2.2kW (4.86 m/kW)

After a brief stop, for about 10mins, drove again. Its still warmed up right?
Using cumulative mile
16/3.8 = 4.2

Why it went down? I would have been little aggressive on the first leg as I was trying to meet someone. First leg involved brief freeway - went prob about 50-60mph. Second leg is stop and go traffic without any urgency.

I noticed it often though - what is going on?

HVAC, Car radio, Window nor other appliance were not modified during this drive.
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Your two trip segments were different routes, different speeds, likely different durations of 'parasitic' energy use (for climate control, window operation, headlights, radio, and such), different acceleration and re-gen episodes. Why are you expressing curiousity/concern that consumption rates are different as well? You need to reduce the number of variables to get a better idea if there really is a difference that is based on the state of charge and not based on one of more of the other variants inherent in your example.

Drive the same route, but only go half way (5-ish miles). Turn around and go back to the start point. What was the displayed energy use for however many miles you went?
Do it again after a similar 10 minute pause interval, same route, same turn around point. What's the second trip's energy use?
If you still have range left, do it a third time, but without the 10 minute break. How similar are the three rates?
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