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Efficiency ball in Gen 2?

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Is the green ball for efficiency that GM put on the Gen 1 on the Gen 2 cars? Took a Gen 2 car for a test drive yesterday and there was no green ball in front of me to keep in the middle for max efficiency.

Am I missing something?
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You're supposed to be watching the road. Please stay away from northern Illinois. We have enough trouble with drunks and cell addicts who refuse to obey the law.
LOL! I suppose then I'm not supposed to look at the speedometer either then. Must be a blast driving up there! LOL
Thanks to everyone for the information. Mister Dave, I really expected better from you. I have a gen 1 and was out test driving a gen 2 with my sister who is thinking of purchasing and was telling her about the efficiency ball as she wants to get the maximum range from the car for her daily commute.
I couldn't find the efficiency ball in the gen2.
A glance at the speedo is different from playing the green ball video game. How do I know? I've caught myself playing that game.

And you'd be surprised how seldom I look at the speedo, but maybe that's just me. ;)

P.S. Thanks for the idea for adding a line to my sig! :D
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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