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Efficiency ball in Gen 2?

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Is the green ball for efficiency that GM put on the Gen 1 on the Gen 2 cars? Took a Gen 2 car for a test drive yesterday and there was no green ball in front of me to keep in the middle for max efficiency.

Am I missing something?
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I'm not too familiar with the green efficiency ball for the Gen 1, but I think they moved it to the green efficiency leaf in Gen 2. I use the DIC "Classic Enhanced" which has a leaf on the left hand side that goes up and down to indicate how badly I'm braking or accelerating respectively. Another bonus with "Classic Enhanced" mode is you know exactly when the ICE kicks in because the energy meter on the right hand side switches from battery only to battery + engine, making it very clear you're running the ICE now. Sometimes, I can't hear the ICE come on unless it's the damned engine back fire sound (another story... -_-).
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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