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Efficiency ball in Gen 2?

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Is the green ball for efficiency that GM put on the Gen 1 on the Gen 2 cars? Took a Gen 2 car for a test drive yesterday and there was no green ball in front of me to keep in the middle for max efficiency.

Am I missing something?
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A glance at the speedo is different from playing the green ball video game. How do I know? I've caught myself playing that game.)
I am kind of in agreement here with Mister Dave. On one hand EVs (And Hybrids) do have the neat advantage of 'teaching' drivers to be more efficient in their driving habits with feedback gauges and data. On the other hand, turning driving into an achievement badge earning video game is a slippery slope towards distracted driving. I'm not entirely sure where the correct balance is, but I'm wary to tilting too far to the latter.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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