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EcoCar 3 Competition Enters Fourth And Final Year

The EcoCar 3 competition kicked off four years ago, and now, it’s the home stretch for students across multiple U.S. and Canadian universities.

EcoCar 3 announced the kick-off for its final year of competition on last Monday, which tasks students with modifying a sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro for fuel efficiency. Teams will engineer hybrid and electric solutions to retain the Camaro’s pony car past and brutal performance, but also focus on lowering emissions and designing a greener powertrain.

The competition will head to Yuma, Arizona, where teams will perform track tests with their hybridized Camaros, and they’ll look at performance specifications and emission readings. Then, the contest will head to Los Angeles, California, where teams will perform over-the-road and ride-and-drive events.

Finally, students will begin to prep for final presentations in front of judges. The panel will consist of automakers representing the industry, government personnel and academia.

Thus far, the Ohio State University has walked away a winner. The team last scored 880 out of a possible 1,000 points in the second leg of the competition. OSU students when home with an additional $10,000 for their hard work thus far.
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