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Early return costs?

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I currently have a 36k mile/3 year lease that is fully paid for upfront. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to hit my 36k mile limit in 2 years. A quick Google search seems to indicate that there will be early termination fees/costs if I return my car early.

Question is - does this only apply to monthly payment type of leases? I'm not sure if early return fees would apply to my situation; surely dealers would make more money selling a 2 year old car with 36k miles on it as opposed to a 3 year old car with 36k miles a year in the future? Anyone has any knowledge on this? I don't expect to get any of my prepaid amounts back of course, just wondering if I have to hand over extra fees in addition to what I've already paid (plus the regular disposition fee).

Reason for wanting to turn the car in upon reaching mileage cap: ongoing insurance costs even if I don't drive it.

And before anyone starts on the upfront payment being a bad idea... that's a discussion for another time.
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I got an outstanding deal on my 2 yr / 20,000 mile lease for my Equinox
To the OP, this could possibly be a good last resort option...Look into turning in/selling the Volt and get a super cheap Equinox lease...Many are reporting $0 drive-off and $150/mo without much work...Alternatively you could always look into turning in the old and leasing a new Volt, many are reporting $5000 off MSRP as a starting point and you'll qualify for the loyalty incentive...One recently reported NorCal deal was $0 down, $229/mo for 15K/miles a year...You can even increase your mileage...

Before the anti-leasing crowd comments, always remember it takes a very special person who buys a new primary car and drives it into the ground...Most people who drive cars into the ground buy used...You can pick up older used Gen1s for under $10K currently...
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